DVT Intermittent Pneumatic Air Compression Therapy 4 Chamber Digital for Legs

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Introducing the Biotronix Solution Forever® DVT Intermittent Pneumatic Air Compression Therapy 4 Chamber Digital for Legs (with LEGS Attachment), featuring advanced Pneumatic Air Compression DVT technology.

Elevate your recovery with the Biotronix Solution Forever Sports Recovery Air Pressure Pneumatic Compression DVT Pump Boots Foot and Leg Massager Machine. This digital model boasts a 4-Chamber Air Compression Leg Massager Recovery System, specially designed for Lower Limb treatment, with a focus on Pneumatic Air Compression DVT.

**Key Features:**
- **Pneumatic Air Compression Technology:** Utilizing air chambers and pumps, this device delivers sequential and intermittent inflation and deflation, providing effective Pneumatic Air Compression DVT therapy for the legs.
- **Versatile Applications:** Widely adopted by physiotherapists, it's ideal for lymphedema relief, improving blood circulation, sports recovery, and alleviating limb paralysis and pain.
- **Customizable Massage Modes:** Choose from 3 different massage modes and adjust between 10 air pressure levels for personalized comfort.
- **Convenient Controls:** The device offers time settings (10, 20, 30 mins), led touch screen, and a user-friendly handle design for ease of use.
- **Smart Technology:** Computer programs replace traditional mechanisms, ensuring accuracy in sequential squeezing and intermittent wave massage.
- **Enhanced Display:** The digital display provides real-time information on treatment settings and progress.

  • Designed For: Physiotherapy, DVT ( Deep Vein Thrombosis ) Treatment, Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Lymphatic Drainage

**Technical Specifications:**

- **Pneumatic Air Compression Range:** 60-240mmHg
- **Voltage:** 110V/60Hz; 220V/50Hz
- **Power Consumption:** 18W
- **Treating Modes:** 3 Modes
- **Air Chamber:** 4 Chambers (air bags)
- **Operation:** Touch Screen with LED indicators
- **Applications:** Ideal for Sports Recovery, Pain Relief, and Lymph Edema treatment.

Invest in your well-being with Biotronix Solution Forever, your go-to solution for advanced Pneumatic Air Compression DVT therapy for comprehensive leg care.

Features & Details
  • Biotronix Solution Forever Sports Recovery Air Pressure Pneumatic Compression Dvt Pump Boots Foot and Leg Massager Machine for Lymphedema Pressotherapy for LEGS ( Lower Limb ) Digital Model 4 Chambers Air Compression Leg Massager Recovery System
  • Air chambers and air pumps are used to produce air compression massage for the legs
  • Through the repeated sequential and intermittent inflation and deflation of the air chambers, air compression therapy is effective in promoting good blood and lymph circulation, improving metabolism and expanding blood vessels in the body
  • PC therapy as a physical therapy method which is widely adopted by physiotherapist to make treatment for lymph edema relief, poor blood circulation, sports recovery, limb paralysis and limb pain relief.
  • Features 3 different massage modes optimize the treatment effect 10 air pressure levels could be adjusted for most comfort Skip care and intensive care function could be chosen separately Time setting (10, 20, 30mins )
  • Features:: led touch screen, air compression massage Application:: Sports Recovery, Pain Relief, Lymph Edema Pressure: 60-240mmHg Treating Mode 3 Modes Pressure range 60-240mmHg Input voltage 110V/220V; 50Hz/60Hz Power consumption 18W

Pneumatic Air Compression DVT Digital


Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy biotronix DVT Digital 4 chamber

AIR Pressure Therapy Deep Vein Thrombosis Recovery


Lymphatic Drainage DVT pumps


DVT Digital 4 chamber


Biotronix DVT Air Compression Therapy Device for Legs with 4 Chambers - Advanced Digital Pneumatic Technology."


"Digital 4 Chamber Compression Air Therapy Device - Advanced technology for effective leg recovery and circulatio


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