Biotronix Tens 6 Channel LCD Display Economical model with 6 Auto modes Digital Physiotherapy Pain Relief Electrotherapy Equipment make in India with 2 year warranty

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Biotronix Tens 6 Channel LCD Display Economical model with 6 Auto modes Digital Physiotherapy Pain Relief Electrotherapy Equipment make in India with 2 year warranty 

 Trans cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is the use of low frequency electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. TENS is a non-invasive, low-risk nerve stimulation intended to reduce pain thus helping in the rehabilitation program.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain explosive speed and power
  • Improve endurance of the muscles
  • Increases healing of tissues by enhancing protein synthesis and increased micro circulation
  • Reduced risk of injury through proper warm up
  • Build muscle size and density
  • Increase vertical and muscle reaction time
  • Increase local blood flow to sore and achy muscles
  • Pain management Through increased circulation and mobility


When to use:

  • Pain Relief
  • Strength training
  • Re-innervation of muscles
  • Healing, Tissue repair
  • Relaxation of spasm
  • Improving Mobility
  • Edema reduction


Physiotherapy TENS Machine 6 Channel Automode, Digital

acco TENS Machine 6 Channel Auto-mode best for Professional Physiotherapy and Home use. It's a light weight Portable tens machine, can be used for Clinics, Hospital & Home Use. Best used Tens machine for Knee Pain, Back Pain and other general Pain relief. The machine comes with complete accessories.


  1. Best for different Chronic other Pain management
  2. Six Independent Channel
  3. LED Display
  4. Soft Touch buttons
  5. Adjustable Frequency
  6. Light Weight
  7. Portable & Compact Model
  8. Easy to carry
  9. Electric Operated


Technical Specifications:

Model:                            Digital LCD based Computerized Automode

No of Channels:             6 (12 Pads)

Output Characteristics:  Constant Current (CC)

Programs:                      Burst 1,Cont, Burst 2, PWM, Sweep, Combi

Frequency:                    Upto 150Hz

Maximum Output:           80V

Operating Voltage:         220 V


Warranty Details: 2 Year Offsite Warranty for Equipment against manufacturing defects ,No warranty or Guarantee for the Accessories like wire pads etc .


What you will Get in this Package : 

1 Pc Biotronix Tens 6 Channel LCD Display Economical model with 6 Auto modes Digital Physiotherapy Pain Relief Electrotherapy Equipment make in India with 2 year warranty  

1 Pc Main Cord 

6 Pc TENS Wires  

12 Pc TENS Electrodes 

1 Pc Carry Bag 

3 Set Strap ( 1 set of strap contains 1 Large ,1 Medium ,1 Small Strap ) 

2 Gel Bottle



How Does A TENS Unit Work And Could It Help Me?

If you or someone you love suffers from chronic pain, it’s crucial to know everything you can about your treatment options. A TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, unit is a non-invasive treatment option that may offer relief. If you have ever asked yourself, “How does a TENS unit work?” here’s what you need to know.

What is a TENS unit?

TENS units are a battery-powered pain relief treatment option that has few side effects or risks. Utilized on the outside of the body, TENS units are considered non-invasive and safe for use for many in pain.

The TENS unit itself is about the size of a small cell phone. One or two sets of leads go from the device and attach to self-sticking pads (electrodes) you place on your body. These electrodes are strategically placed to deliver mild electrical current. You control these currents directly with programmable buttons on the unit.

Each TENS unit has two channels with two electrodes each to deliver electrical stimulation. Whether you use two or four electrodes is something to discuss with your doctor and depends on your pain location, as we’ll discuss.


How does a TENS unit work?

So how does a TENS unit work?

Chronic pain is defined as persistent pain that lasts for longer than three months. Generally speaking, you sense this pain because of your neurons. If you hit your elbow, the nerves in your elbow send a signal to the brain that is then interpreted by the brain and translated. Pain signals are sent back along the path of the nerves, and pain is felt in your elbow. This process is nearly instantaneous.

While pain signals are a necessary and protective part of human biology, sometimes neurotransmitters incorrectly switch on, sending chronic, frequent (or sometimes constant) pain signals to the brain. This can result in debilitating chronic pain. Additionally, when chronic pain occurs, the brain produces more glutamate, a brain chemical that stimulates pain, and less natural opioids and serotonin that might help relieve pain.

This can create a cycle of increased and worsening pain. TENS units serve as a disrupter to pain signals and can bring balance back to your brain chemistry. Remember the bumped elbow? When we feel pain, our usual response is to put our hands where it hurts, rubbing or grasping the elbow. This can make it feel better. We have replaced a pain signal with the signal of rubbing or warming as we touch our elbow.

The TENS unit does something similar. Mild electrical currents move through the leads and electrodes on your body. Instead of a pain signal, neurons in the brain receive a mild buzzing or tingling sensation in the spot. This electrical signal intercepts or blocks the pain signal transmission.


Why does a TENS unit work? 

Right now, it’s not 100% clear on exactly how a TENS unit relieves pain. One leading theory is that the electrical stimulation keeps nerves so busy that they are not able to process pain signals. These same high-frequency electrical pulses may encourage the brain to switch the balance of chemical production to more natural pain relievers (e.g., serotonin).

Regardless, many people find non-invasive pain relief from this type of device.


Which conditions can I use a TENS unit for?

TENS machines may provide pain relief for a variety of previously intractable pain conditions, including:

  • Sciatica
  • Neck pain
  • Diabetic peripheral neuropathy
  • Lower back pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • Shoulder pain
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Fibromyalgia

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.


Sciatic pain

Sciatic pain (also referred to as sciatica) is not in and of itself a pain condition but rather a particular type of pain that is produced from different conditions (e.g. herniated or bulging discs). Nevertheless, it is very common and effectively treated with a TENS unit.

The sciatic nerve is the longest, widest nerve in your body. It attaches at the lumbar spine (lower back) and runs across the buttocks and down the hip on the outside of the leg all the way to the feet. Any compression or pressure on this nerve can cause excruciating pain that radiates from the lower back to any point along the nerve’s pathway.

Other symptoms of sciatic pain can include numbness in the legs and feet and a burning sensation. Symptoms are most often felt on one side of the body and will continue to worsen without treatment.

Once the cause of the sciatica is determined, a TENS unit can provide relief from pain that is non-invasive and safe while you and your healthcare team address the root cause of your pain. The mild tingling sensation provided by the TENS unit replaces the pain, allowing you to participate in physical therapy and other active treatments to relieve your pain. .


Neck pain

Neck pain is becoming more common as we spend more of our days hunched over screens and steering wheels. When pain becomes a pattern, chronic pain may persist.

TENS unit therapy is one part of a comprehensive neck pain management plan that can also include ergonomic changes in our daily lives and physical therapy or exercise.

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a type of nerve pain that originates from the spine as a result of nerve damage. This damage most occurs due to wildly fluctuating blood sugar levels found in diabetic patients. This pain can be incredibly difficult to treat and debilitating as it progresses.

Peripheral neuropathy is not only caused by diabetes. It can also occur due to the following:

  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Alcoholism
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Certain medications

Regardless of the causes, TENS units are one way to approach management of this complex condition.

Lower back pain

Lower back pain from any cause is a candidate for TENS unit therapy.

Because there are few side effects, TENS machines may even be a good first-line treatment for acute pain that is long-lasting but not yet severe and chronic.


Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that is a wear-and-tear condition. As we get older and use our bodies, the cartilage that protects joints begins to gradually deteriorate. Once this occurs, painful bone-on-bone rubbing happens, causing pain and inflammation. If left untreated, bone spurs can also occur, turning a mild pain experience into a severe one.

As the most mobile and hard-working part of the spine, the lower back is a prime target for osteoarthritis and the pain that comes with it. TENS unit therapy can be a solid treatment option to reduce pain.


Tendinitis can be notoriously difficult to treat. When tendons in the body become strained, stressed, or injured, pain can occur. In many cases, pain also leads to lowered activity levels, which in turn leads to longer healing times.

This vicious cycle can be broken by a TENS machine. Besides pain relief, a major TENS unit benefit is that it allows people in pain to be more active. After the acute phase of most injuries is over, physical activity is key in healing. This is true with tendinitis in most areas of the body.



Bursitis can occur in movable joints like the knees, but it also occurs in the lower back when the bursa that cushion your vertebrae and provide shock absorption begin to deteriorate or herniate.

Before surgery, a TENS unit and physical therapy may be a good choice.


Shoulder pain

The shoulder girdle is a complex piece of anatomy that has four joints that are highly mobile. These joints are surrounded by connective tissue and muscle, all of which are susceptible to injury from accidents or repetitive use.

Chronic shoulder pain can impact your daily life, making simple actions like lifting groceries or waving to friends across the room painful. The mild tingling of TENS can help you continue your active life with less pain.

Migraines or headaches

Migraine headaches are not normal headaches that can be treated with medication or a little rest. These headaches can become chronic and intractable, responding only to prescription medications that often come with a host of side effects.

TENS therapy is a researched-backed option that is incredibly effective in the treatment of migraines.


Fibromyalgia is a connective tissue disorder that comes with other symptoms, like digestive issues, debilitating fatigue, and widespread pain. For many years, people with fibromyalgia (primarily women) were ignored in their suffering, with some doctors and researchers believing that the pain was in their head.

TENS machines can help reduce the pain and fatigue in many people who suffer from fibromyalgia, without the many side effects that come with prescription medications.

What are TENS unit benefits and research?

TENS unit benefits are easy to see.

  • TENS unit therapy is affordable: Insurance often covers the price of these units, but if not, a TENS machine can be as little as $100 (even over-the-counter)
  • Most people can use TENS: Pregnant women and people with pacemakers are not usually able to use TENS therapy, but it is generally safe for others
  • TENS therapy helps you stay active: Because the unit is most effective when you are active, TENS therapy encourages you to keep moving during treatment


Many TENS unit benefits are gaining support in the research.

In a randomized, controlled trial of 301 patients with fibromyalgia, 44% of those using TENS unit therapy experienced significant pain relief when compared to patients who were not using the therapy. An additional 29% of TENS users reported at least a 30% reduction in pain and a drop in levels of fatigue. And, 70% of the patients using the TENS machines reported feeling much better after four weeks of treatment.

For migraine pain, TENS unit therapy offered relief to an astonishing 81% of people who used it. The results, reported in The Journal of Headache and Pain, are great news for those who suffer from frequent migraines that impact their lives (and are not responsive to other treatments).

Other findings include:

Many of these studies point out that knowing how to use a TENS unit, including properly calibrating the level of electrical stimulation and accurately placing the electrodes, is key to a successful treatment.



TENS Unit Benefits: 20 (Life-changing) Reasons You Should Use One

Benefit 1: Drug-free natural pain relief


One of the major benefits of TENS therapy is that it’s a natural and effective form of pain relief with little or no known side effects.

A systematic review of research in 2014 found that overwhelmingly TENS was proven to treat both acute and chronic pain.

TENS is often chosen as a treatment by those who are looking for a drug-free option to avoid the known negative side effects of taking pain medication.

For example, a longitudinal research project published in 2015 looked at how the side effects of pain medication can influence a patient’s daily activities.

The study demonstrated the alarming impact on a patient’s abilities to achieve simple tasks.

It recommended that physicians need to balance the impact of the side effects of the medication with the relief from pain before prescribing.

                                                       Benefit 2: Produces endorphins


Endorphins are our body’s natural painkillers. They are essentially hormones that exist in the brain, that are released when the body experiences any sort of stress.

The endorphins act as transmitters creating a feeling of ecstasy and well-being which in turn helps to reduce pain signals.

Natural ways to release endorphins include music, sex, chocolate and group exercise.

The NHS also recognizes that a TENS unit helps to produce endorphins. The electrical impulses are thought to stimulate the production of endorphins.



                                       Benefit 3: Decreases pain signals to the brain


Studies have proven that a TENS unit can help to decrease or block pain signals traveling to the brain, providing users with the pain relief they crave.

When you look at the science behind how a TENS unit actually works, you can see how the machine stimulates the nerves. It’s this stimulation that is thought to keep the pain signals from reaching the brain.

                                                Benefit 4: Retrains your nerves


As well as reducing pain signals that are sent to the brain, it is also thought that over time a TENS machine can actually retrain the nerves, even for those suffering from nerve damage.

Chiropractors feel that the treatment, if conducted over an extended period of time, can change the behavior of the nerve and stop it from sending pain signals to the brain.


                                            Benefit 5: Reduces inflammation


Though research is still limited, studies have shown that TENS is effective in reducing inflammation.

Researchers can’t confirm exactly how TENS manages to achieve this, however a study on pro inflammatory cytokines did find it to be effective.


                                             Benefit 6: Control over your treatment


A TENS unit provides you with complete control over your treatment, unlike pain medications where it isn’t always possible or feasible to simply increase or reduce the dose if it isn’t working.

Depending which unit you choose, you’re provided with a range of different intensity settings and modes to target the pain, it’s simply a case of finding the best TENS unit for your needs.

When users speak about chronic daily pain, they often speak of the frustration they feel in terms of having no control over their pain.

                                            Benefit 7: Effective for different conditions


A TENS unit has been shown through research to be effective for a wide range of different conditions. In particular back and knee pain, as well as the many different forms of arthritis.

There are also a number of lesser known uses for a TENS machine including for those suffering from urinary incontinence as well as mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

                                          Benefit 8: Little or no side effects


One of the many reasons that the NHS suggests TENS units for managing pain is because they are found to have little or no side effects.

Side effects from overuse have been reported, however you should always speak to a medical professional before starting treatment so they can advise on correct usage.

                                                  Benefit 9: Effective complementary therapy


The nature of a TENS unit (non-invasive, little or no known side effects) makes it an excellent complementary therapy to more intensive treatments.

For example a study published in 2015, which looked at women with pelvic pain associated with endometriosis, found that TENS was effective in treating the symptoms of the condition when used alongside hormone treatment.

                                            Benefit 10: Suitable for chronic and acute pain


TENS is a treatment that is found to be effective for both chronic and acute pain.

Typically health professionals recommend TENS as a therapy for chronic pain, however there is still evidence that TENS can be an effective treatment for acute pain conditions.


                                                     Benefit 11: Mimics massage


As well as proving effective in pain relief, a number of TENS units also come with massage programs, allowing you to enjoy the effects of a relaxing massage as well as target your pain.

                                              Benefit 12: Non-invasive


A TENS machine is a non-invasive way to manage your pain. Electrodes are attached to the body and can be moved to target the pain, making it a low risk treatment option.

However you should still speak to your health professional before commencing treatment.

                                          Benefit 13: Use at home


If you suffer from daily pain, a treatment option you can use in the comfort of your home is certainly desirable and an obvious benefit.

You can pop on your TENS machine and get comfortable in your favorite chair or attach it whilst doing your day to day activities around the house.

                                              Benefit 14: Compact


TENS units are also small, meaning they don’t take up much room in your home or your bag! Other pain relief products, such as those recommended for back pain, can be a little more hefty.

Inversion tables or massage chairs require you to make room in your home, whereas a TENS machine can simply be stored away in a drawer.

                                       Benefit 15: Portable


As well as being small, units are also portable. Anyone suffering from daily pain knows that you need treatment not just in the comfort of your own home but while out of the home too.

With a TENS machine being small and discreet they’re easily transported whilst out and about.

TENS units can also be worn outside of the home, with certain accessories including shoes and socks, meaning you can receive treatment whilst on the move.


                                          Benefit 16: Discreet


TENS units can be worn and used discreetly whether you’re at home or work, making it a realistic daily treatment option.

Benefit 17: Simple to use


TENS units are simple to use, even in the stress of labor users reported a positive experience.

It’s important to shop around to find a TENS unit that you can operate easily, however it is felt that if you can operate a smartphone you’ll have no problem using a TENS unit.

                                          Benefit 18: Affordable


A TENS unit can be an affordable treatment option, which is the reason many people select it as a complementary therapy.

In fact when users speak about the treatment they often mention affordability compared to a physiotherapist or expensive equipment such as an inversion table.


What is TENS therapy?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy is the most widely used type of electrotherapy for the management of both chronic and acute pain.

The therapy is administered through a TENS unit (a small battery-operated device) that has leads connected to sticky pads (electrodes), although wireless versions are becoming increasingly popular.

A mild electrical current is sent from the device to the pads, providing a drug-free treatment option for a number of conditions including back pain and labor pains.


What do I need to know about a TENS unit?

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit is a treatment for pain. A TENS unit is a small, portable, battery-powered device. The TENS unit uses mild, safe electrical signals to help control pain. Electrodes (sticky patches) are placed on your skin. The TENS unit sends painless electrical signals through the electrodes to the nerves under your skin. Electrode placement depends on the type and location of your pain. Your healthcare provider will show you where to place the electrodes and what settings are best for you.


What is TENS Machine?

TENS Machine is just a portable device that is battery operated that can be worn in the body. It has wires that have sticky pads that you can use to stick on your skin wherein it has an electric pulse that is transmitted to the body. Through the use of this device, it can help you ease the pain that you feel that is why lots of people chose to use it since it provides no side effects.

Reasons to use TENS Machines

There are many reasons why you should opt to use TENS machines. Some people use this device because it is drug-free and good for their pain management. Thus, it is very easy to use despite its size. Aside from this, people opt to use this machine because it does not provide some side effects like drowsiness. Also, it is non-invasive device since it will provide you the real freedom to walk or move and can be used for as long as you want.

Another great thing about TENS machine is that you can use it for conjunction for prescribing drugs. Because of its popularity, there is some research being conduct by most of the professionals to clarify its effectiveness to the body. According to their research, it is proved that it is an effective treatment for pain relief and at the same time safe to use.


TENS Machines


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or TENS, machines are an option for pain relief that has gained in the popularity in the UK, although there is some question as to their true effectiveness. Most often used by women in labour, the practice is growing as a treatment for chronic back or neck pain as an alternative to pain killing medication. Recent research trials have ended with conflicting results, with some concluding that they can help some people and others concluding that they do not help at all. The fact that this treatment is growing in popularity with those that suffer from neck and back pain signify that it does indeed give some pain relief.

How do TENS Machines Work?

TENS machines work by delivering small electrical impulses to the body through electrodes that are placed on the skin – transcutaneous means ‘through the skin.’ The device itself is usually about the size of a personal stereo, although smaller versions are now available, making the device portable and in many cases the patient can continue his normal activities while receiving treatment. It is thought that the TENS machines work by affecting the way pain signals are sent to the brain via nerves and the spinal cord. By blocking these pain signals, less pain is felt.

There are two different methods in using a TENS machine. When the machine is set at a higher pulse rate, it stimulates nerve fibres free from pain to send signals to the brain to block the signals from those nerves that are sending pain signals. When it is set at a lower pulse rate, it stimulates the body to produce endorphins, which are natural pain relieving hormones that act like morphine to stop the pain.





TENS units may help treat the following symptoms:




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