Biotronix Syrebo Hand Rehabilitation Soft Robotics Gloves C11 Device Size Small Right Hand Glove

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Biotronix Syrebo Hand Rehabilitation Soft Robotics Gloves C11 Device Size Small Right Hand Glove Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Device 

  • C11 Model
  • Size - Small
  • For Right Hand
  • Mirror Trainings
  • ADLs Training
  • Active Training
  • Mobile App 
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • For hand disabilities
  • high paraplegia

Syrebo Soft Robotics Hand Rehabilitation Device C11 Model with Right Hand Rehabilitation Glove ,Size Small Hand Syrebo rehabilitation robot gloves use bionic pneumatic artificial muscles to drive finger joints in order to improve the symptoms such as finger spasm, paralysis.

While effectively helping the rehabilitation of various functions of the hand, the gloves also acts on assisting the brain nerves, promoting the improvement of sports rehabilitation, etc. Who can use Syrebo hand rehabilitation robot? Suitable for people with hand disabilities caused by central and peripheral nerve injury, central diseases, stroke, high paraplegia, brain trauma. Also can be used for hand post-surgery functional rehabilitation training.

1) Passive Flexion and Extension : The Rehabilitation Glove will drive the affected Hand to grasp the small ball/Water Cup and Other objects .Patient Could intelligently adjust the time of flexion and extension .

2 ) Innovative Mirror Trainings : With the Help of Syrebo Rehabilitation Glove C11 model ,the Healthy Hand Drives the affected hand to move synchronously ,Activates the mirror neurons ,promotes the Autonomic recovery of the brain and speeds up the Rehabilitation process of Hand Function .

3) ADLs Training : The method based on motor control Theory emphasizes the specificity of sports training and reshape the self-care ability through repeated life scene training .

4) Active Game Training : Game Training Could make Rehabilitation more interesting and directly activate the center nerve .accelerate the rehabilitation of stroke patients ,brain motor intention control output .It can be connected to app for operation ( can be screened to TV ) 

Why choose Syrebo™ hand rehabilitation robot ? 1) Intelligent touch button ,adjustable flexion and extension

2) Portable, small size,big energy, easy to operate. Patients can operate it independently with only one button.

3) Combined with flexible robot technology and neuroscience, it can help patients relieve hand spasm and stiffness, and promote patients' motor relearning.

Model : C11

Brand : Syrebo

Type : Hand Rehabilitation Device C11 with Right Hand Rehabilitation

Glove Size : Small 

Single Glove : Right Hand

Charge Voltage : 5 V

Charge Current : 3A

Warranty Details : Offsite Warranty ,1 Year Warranty for Host Device and 6 month for Rehabilitation Gloves

Accessories/Packager Contains :

1 pc C11 Host Device ,

1 pc Power Assisted ( Rehabilitation ) Glove Right Hand ( Size - Small) 

,1 pc Data Glove ,

1 pc Rehab Ball ,

1 pc Hand pillow ,

1 pc Adapter ,

1 pc Manual


  • 【Self-training Rehabilitation Robot Glove】- Rehabilitation Gloves is the ideal, item for reducing flexion contractures and helping to maintain strength and comfort in your hand after a stroke; Made of a variety of flexible polymer materials, comfortable fit and will keep you hand in place, long working hours can restore the dual functions of fingers and hands.
  • 【Stroke Hemiplegia Finger Trainer】- Rehabilitation treatment device only needs to connect rehabilitation gloves, and it can be easily used by grasping objects such as training balls. It can be connected to a mobile phone, synchronize training data to the mobile phone in real time, and record your daily training situation.
  • 【Help self-repair】- The simultaneous movement of both hands can activate the mirror neurons and copy the normal neural pathways from the hand to the affected part, thus promoting the brain's autonomous recovery. Passive mode and mirror mode allows the trained hand to learn the movements of other hands.
  • 【LCD Screen Display】 - Finger Splint Brace has a LCD control screen and clear adjustment buttons. very user-friendly interactive design, Patients can take care of themselves at home, Timing training and various modes are adjustable, battery display and gear adjustment.
  • 【Applicable People】 - Suitable for hemiplegic patients with dysfunction, wrist and finger training, improve muscle strength and increase the range of joint motion of joints. Can prevention and correction of contracture stiffness, wrist extensor and extension tendon (called lateral repair paralysis). effectively relieves hand fatigue, stiff finger joints and pain.












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