Biotronix Physiotherapy Combination Therapy Ultrasonic Machine with TENS 4 Channel for promoting recovery and reducing pain with 2 Year Warranty

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Biotronix Physiotherapy Combination Therapy Ultrasonic Machine with TENS 4 Channel for promoting recovery and reducing pain with 2 Year Warranty 


With the world around us evolving so quick, why should your method of pain relief be age-old? Switch to Biotronix Ultrasonic Combo Physiotherapy Machine! Its user-friendly nature combined with new edge technology offers powerful results in one use.

Product Description:

Biotronix Ultrasonic Combo Physiotherapy Machine is tailored to your needs. It is portable, highly calibrated, easy to use and fit for heavy-duty usage. Its ultrasonic modality functions on penetrating deep heat generated via piezoelectric crystal (high-frequency vibrations) and is primarily utilized to heal the pain in muscles or tendons. The TENS machine is based on the unique pain gate mechanism blocking pain signals to our brain by sending electrical signals to nerve endings or nerve roots, it effectively alleviates chronic pain.

Key Benefits:

  • Portable Therapy: Who said Physiotherapy can only be done at home? Carry your Biotronix  Ultrasonic Physiotherapy Machine wherever you go! Not only does the machine set up quickly but it also comes with a carrying case making it easy to transport.
  • Powerful Results: Efficient treatment is a priority. Biotronix Utrasonic Combo Physiotherapy Machine is crafted in a way that heat penetrates deep in affected areas such as joints, shoulders, knees etc for maximum relief and acts as a muscle relaxant.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Biotronix Ultrasonic Physiotherapy Machine never gets tired. It's compatible with heavy-duty usage and makes it ideal for using it as many times as you want in a day.
  • Cutting Edge Technology: Both the TENS and Ultrasonic modalities can be used simultaneously in the same patient or two different patients because of their separate operating machines. So if two people want to use it at the same time or you want to use it on different body parts, this is your go-to solution!

Package Contents:

  • Ultrasonic Head Applicator - 01
  • TENS Leads - 04
  • TENS Electrodes - 08
  • Velcro Set - 03
  • Power Cord - 01
  • Gel Bottle - 02
  • Carry Bog - 01 

Technical Specifications:


  • Input Voltage: 220V AC/50Hz
  • Ultrasound Frequency: 1 MHz
  • Ultrasonic density: 3.5 watt / cm2
  • Treatment Time: 0 to 99 minutes
  • Mode of Operations-Continuous & Pulsed


  • Frequency-2Hz to 250Hz
  • Intensity-adjustable in all channels
  • Output: 4 channel Independent


How Does Therapeutic Ultrasound Work?

  • Actions of Ultrasound: generate deep tissue temperature increase which may result in pain relief, localized increase in blood flow, increase of range of motion of contracted joints using heat and stretch techniques, produces analgesic (pain relief) effect on sensory nerves to the involved tissues
  • Ultrasound therapy is thought to reduce the healing time of certain soft tissue injuries by influencing the effects on the inflammatory and repair processes
  • Ultrasound is thought to accelerate the normal resolution time of the inflammatory process by attracting more mast cells to the site of injury. This may cause an increase in blood flow which can be beneficial in the sub-acute phase of tissue injury.
  • Ultrasound may also stimulate the production of more collagen- the main protein component in soft tissue such as tendons and ligaments. Hence ultrasound may accelerate the proliferative phase of tissue healing.
  • Ultrasound is thought to improve the flexibility of mature collagen and so can have a positive effect to on fibrous scar tissue which may form after an injury, thus it can reduce stiffness


How Does TENS Work?

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit is a battery-operated device that some people use to treat pain.

TENS units work by delivering small electrical impulses through electrodes that have adhesive pads to attach them to a person’s skin.

These electrical impulses flood the nervous system, reducing its ability to transmit pain signals to the spinal cord and brain.

The same electrical impulses also stimulate the body to produce natural pain relievers called endorphins.

In this article, learn more about the uses of a TENS machine and the research on its effectiveness.


TENS units may help treat the following symptoms:

They may also alleviate pain that results from the following conditions:


  • The skin should be properly prepared before putting electrodes for TENS unit. Ultrasound gel MUST ALWAYS be used while using the Ultrasonic unit.
  • ALWAYS start from zero intensity and slowly increase based on physiotherapy clinic protocol or as recommended by your physiotherapist. Slow and steady is always good.
  • Physiotherapy modality treatments bring the best outcomes only if these are used along with active physical exercise or manual manipulation program.


Physiotherapy Modalities are ancillary treatments, for optimal results, it's best to couple it with following physical exercise regimes as advised by physiotherapist.




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