Finger Dexterity TEST Board Cheaper model

Finger Dexterity TEST Board Cheaper model

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What are Dexterity Tests?

Dexterity refers to the ability of a person to use the fingers, hands and arms to perform a task. Some people are ambidextrous, which means they have the ability to perform tasks with the same or similar skill level using either the right or left hand. Dexterity skill levels are as varied as the tasks that are performed by individuals every day. For these tasks to be grouped and understood so skill levels can be compared between individuals, or to ensure that improvements can be measured, dexterity tests are used across a broad spectrum of fields and industry.

These tests allow staffing agencies to compare individual test results with the acquired standards to determine skill level. To pre-screen employees for jobs that rely on fine motor skills and coordination, dexterity tests measure the use of a person’s fingers, hands and arms while performing certain tasks. Types of jobs that often require passing hand dexterity tests are assembly line work, watch repair or lab work. Assembly line work often includes fast manipulation of small objects and working with small parts. The tests give employers a good indication of how well a person will do at a particular job as well as an assessment of their manual abilities.

Dexterity tests additionally allow occupational and physical therapists to develop rehabilitation plans for patients and to measure the effectiveness of their programs. They can help identify and evaluate certain forms of brain damage, identify neurologically based learning disabilities, and can assist in diagnosing dyslexia.

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