Biotronix Knee CPM ( Continuous Passive Machine ) Machine Deluxe model used in Knee Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Make in India with 2 Year Warranty

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Biotronix Knee CPM ( Continuous Passive Machine )  Machine Deluxe model used in Knee Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Make in India with 2 Year Warranty 

  • Biotronix Knee Continuous Passive Motion unit cpm knee Physical Therapy is a unique device to improve the flexion movement; the stiff muscle do not allow the full range of motion due to less movement, exercise of joints due to pain after surgical procedure, accidental injury Polio, paralysis and hemiplegia etc
  • Flexions hold time : 0-9 sec.; Extension hold time : 0-9sec.; Flexion Angle : 5 - 120 degree.
  • Patient Switch Protection Mechanism
  • Biotronix KNEE CPM is a micro computer based, technology derived electro mechanical device which is safe and reliable to use. It constantly moves the joint through a controlled range of motion; the exact range is dependent upon the joint, but in most cases the range of motion is increased over time. Rehabilitation : control post-operative pain, reduce inflammation, provide passive motion in a specific plane of movement, and protect the healing repair or tissue.


Package Contents:

  • Biotronix Knee CPM ( Continuous Passive Machine ) Machine Deluxe Model used in Knee Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Make in India with 2 Year Warranty  
  • 1 pc Main Cord 
  • 1 Pc Carry Bag 
  • 1 pc Patient Switch  


Warranty Details: 2 Year Offsite Warranty for Equipment against manufacturing defects ,No warranty or Guarantee for the Accessories like wire pads etc .




Did you undergo a painful joint surgery? Do not worry, CPM machines can provide you with the required relief! A CPM machine is used after surgeries as it facilitates movement at the joint, especially for individuals who have undergone knee or hip surgery. The lightweight of the equipment along with its efficient angle control has proven to be a few of the key factors why patients prefer using it. 

Product Description

A continuous passive motion machine (CPM) works after any kind of surgery. It is a specially designed product which provides a reduction in pain. Its voltage ranges from 220 V to 50 Hz and thus we can adjust it according to our own needs. It comes with a patient safety switch and thus is very easy to be used. We can use this machine for two to four hours a day to obtain its maximized effect. It has an excellent finish which gives it a modern appearance. 


Key Features 

Weight: It weighs 10 kg and can be maintained time to time after regular intervals. It is generally kept in clinics.

Angle control: It has an adjustable flexion angle can turn from 5 degree to 120 degree which makes it quite user-friendly. 

Rest time: It can rest for a minimum time of 10 seconds.

Dimensions: It possess dimensions of 320 mm* 335 mm* 150 mm ( approx ) 

Pain minimizer: It reduces pain by allowing movements of the joints. 

Comfortable: It is well cushioned and hence enables patients to have a relaxed leg rest.

Economical: It comes under a very reasonable price. 



CPM machine: What to know

A continuous passive motion (CPM) machine allows for movement of the joints after surgery. A person may use a CPM machine after undergoing surgery on joints such as the knee or hip.

What is a CPM machine?

A CPM machine is a piece of equipment that a person may use to help with recovery after undergoing joint surgery. The idea behind CPM machines is that they increase range of motion.

They provide sessions of continuous motion for joints that a person is unable to move freely.

People may experience pain when trying to move their joint after undergoing surgery. This can cause them to avoid moving the joint, which can result in stiffness, a loss of motion, and the development of scar tissue.

How does it work?

People may use a CPM machine after undergoing surgery to increase a joint’s range of motion.

Some research suggests that a CPM machine could:

  • reduce pain
  • reduce the length of hospital stays
  • reduce the need for manual movement of the joint while people are under anesthetics

A CPM machine provides regular joint movements without people needing to use their muscles. It can help bend a joint that may be stiff and difficult to move.

A person can place the affected body part into the CPM machine and control the machine with a handheld control. For example, they can use the control to start and stop the motion, as well as adjust the levels of movement.

The amount of time a person needs to use a CPM machine for will depend on their condition and which joint they are using it on. A healthcare professional will offer instructions on how to use the machine and for how long.


Benefits of a CPM machine

A CPM machine may have benefits for the following joints:


Some people may use a CPM machine for recovery from knee replacement surgery.

One 2014 review looked at the effectiveness of using a CPM machine after undergoing knee replacement surgery. The review covered 24 studies involving 1,445 participants.

It found that people using a CPM machine experienced the following benefits:

  • At week 6, participants using a CPM machine could bend their knee around 2 degrees more than those who did not use CPM.
  • At week 6, participants using a CPM machine scored their pain at an average of 2.6 out of 10, compared with 3 out of 10 for those who did not use CPM.
  • At month 6, people using CPM rated their quality of life one point higher than those not using a CPM machine.
  • On average, people using CPM had a 15% risk of experiencing a medical problem, compared with 16.3% for people not using CPM.
  • On average, people using CPM had a 1.6% risk of needing manipulation of the knee under anesthetics, compared with a 7.2% risk among people not using CPM.


Using a CPM machine may help increase range of motion after undergoing surgery on a joint. A person may use a CPM machine after undergoing surgery on the knee 

The effects of a CPM machine may depend on the individual’s condition and the affected joint. In some cases, using a CPM machine may help improve range of motion and relieve pain.

People can discuss the potential benefits of using a CPM machine with their doctor.

If a person experiences any negative effects of using a CPM machine — such as increased pain, swelling, or numbness — they should stop using it and contact a doctor straight away.


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