Biotronix IFT IF-908 Physiotherapy Electrotherapy Interferential Therapy pocket model LCD Display Digital with 1 year warranty

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Biotronix IFT IF-908 Physiotherapy Electrotherapy Interferential Therapy pocket model LCD Display Digital with 1 year warranty 


The interferential stimulator (IF) device is a battery operated device that includes two controllable output channels. Amplitude, mode and duration of the electrical impulses can be altered with the buttons or knobs. The controls are protected by a cover in order to prevent accidental changes to the settings. Slide the cover down to make adjustments to the controls.



01 Channel: Dual, isolated between channels

02 Dimensions: 107x62x27mm

03 Weight: Approximately 150 grams, battery included

04 Amplitude: Adjustable 0-60mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel, constant current

05 Carrier Frequency: 4000Hz, Fixed (CH1)

06 Modulating Frequency: 4-160bps, Adjustable (CH2)

07 IF Frequency Modes: 9 modes, 1 constant mode, 5 frequency shift modes, 3 auto sweep Modes

08 Constant Mode: 4-160bps, Adjustable

09 Auto Sweep: 4-45 bps ,80-145 bps ,4-SET bps

10 Frequency Shift:Five modes, 1/1 abrupt shift,6/6 abrupt shift,6/6 ramped,10/10 abrupt shift,10/10 ramped ,bps adjustable

11 Sweep Time: 15 seconds

12 Frequency Shift Percent: Frequency shifts from 30% below the set frequency to 60% above and then return to 30% below the set frequency.

13 Output Configuration: Quad polar (4 electrodes)

14 Wave form: Symmetrical Balanced Sine Wave

15 Interference Pulse Frequency: 4-160 bps, Adjustable, 4 bps/step

16 Pulse Duration: 125 µs maximum

17 Patient Compliance Meter: Display total treatment time

18 Lock: Prevents the patient from accidentally changing any of the set parameters

19 Timer: 15, 30 minute selectable

20 LCD: Displays mode, bps rate, abrupt/ramp, timer, and channels

21 Max charge per Pulse: 15 Micro-coulombs Maximum

22 Low Battery: A low battery indicator will show when the battery is low.

23 Power Source: 9 Volt DC adapter, 500mA or 9 volt alkaline battery (not recommend due its short life)

24 Tolerance: There may be +/-10% tolerance of settings and 20% tolerance of output.


What include in the Package :

1 pc IFT Device
1 Set Adhesive Electrodes( contains 4 Self Adhesive Electrodes )
2 pc IFT Wires
1 pc 9V Battery
1 pc AC Adaptor
1 pc User Manual
1 pc Warranty Card



The are 4 main clinical applications for which IFT appears to be used:

  • Pain relief
  • Muscle stimulation
  • Increased local blood flow
  • Reduction of edema



The basic principle of Interferential Therapy (IFT) is to utilize the strong physiological effects of low frequency (<250pps) electrical stimulation of nerves without the associated painful and somewhat unpleasant side effects sometimes associated with low frequency stim.

To produce low frequency effects at sufficient intensity at depth, patients can experience considerable discomfort in the superficial tissues (i.e. the skin). This is due to the impedance of the skin being inversely proportional to the frequency of the stimulation. In other words, the lower the stimulation frequency, the greater the impedance to the passage of the current & so, more discomfort is experienced as the current is ‘pushed’ into the tissues against this barrier. The skin impedance at 50Hz is approximately 3200* whilst at 4000Hz it is reduced to approximately 40*. The result of applying a higher frequency is that it will pass more easily through the skin, requiring less electrical energy input to reach the deeper tissues & giving rise to less discomfort.

The effects of tissue stimulation with these 'medium frequency' currents (medium frequency in electromedical terms is usually considered to be 1KHz-100KHz) has yet to be established. It is unlikely to do nothing at all, but in terms of current practice, little is known of its physiological effects. It is not capable of direct stimulation of nerve in the common context of such stimulation.

Interferential therapy utilities two of these medium frequency currents, passed through the tissues simultaneously, where they are set up so that their paths cross & they literally interfere with each other. This interference gives rise to an interference (beat frequency) which has the characteristics of low frequency stimulation – in effect the interference mimics a low frequency stimulation.

The exact frequency of the resultant beat frequency can be controlled by the input frequencies. If for example, one current was at 4000Hz and its companion current at 3900Hz, the resultant beat frequency would be at 100Hz, carried on a medium frequency 3950Hz amplitude modulated current.






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