Biotronix IFT 70 Program Clinical model with LCD (Interferential Therapy) with 2 Years Warranty

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Biotronix IFT 70 Program Clinical Model with LCD (Interferential Therapy) with 2 Years Warranty

Computerized Interferential Therapy machine with Mid-frequency current makes it very attractive and free from analog knobs systems. It contains concept is completely soft touch unit. The circuit is based on Micro Processors based which different programs for different type of treatment applications.


Technical Specification:

(1) Different applications based on Digital 70 Programs
(2) A current module of 4-channel Electrotherapy machine
(3) Separate Display for timer, intensity and beat frequency
(4) Input Supply : 220 V Ac, 50 Hz
(5) Therapy modes : 4P, 4PV, 2P
(6) Carrier Frequency : 2,4KHz
(7) Base 0-150 Hz
(8) Sweep : 0- 100Hz
(9) Output current: 0-100 mA
(10) Timer: 0-99 minutes
(12) Weight 2 kg (Approx.)
(13) Include all types of Standard accessories 


Package Contains :  Package Content- 1 IFT 70 program Clinical Model Machine, 1pc Main cord, 4 pcs IFT Wires, 4 pcs Rubber Slilicon Pads/Electrodes, 2 Set of Strap,1 Carry Bag ,2 Gel Bottle 


Warranty Details: 2 Year Offsite Warranty for Equipment against manufacturing defects ,No warranty or Guarantee for the Accessories like wire pads etc 


Interferential therapy is a type of TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) which has two alternating currents that are applied to the skin. Interferential machines are set a medium frequency current with controls on the machine to adjust the strength of the current and the type of nerve stimulation required. Either two or four pads are applied around the area that needs to be treated (with either a damp sponge or gel between the pads and the skin). The two alternating currents intersect in between the pads and the result of the interconnecting currents is a new frequency (called a beat frequency) which has the desired effect of either stimulating muscle contraction (when the beat frequency is low) or achieving pain relief (when the beat frequency is higher).

Interferential therapy has several benefits:

- It can help stimulate a weak muscle by causing it to contract repetitively which will help the muscle regain its function, strength and endurance. This is particularly effective for muscles that have wasted after being immobilised in a cast or following neurologically caused muscle weakness such as with a stroke.

- It is very effective for pain relief. Interferential stimulation of the nerves causes the central nervous system to facilitate the release of endorphins (pain relieving chemicals) into the body.

- It stimulates vasodilation in the blood vessels which results in the removal of inflammatory toxins and thus eases swelling.

Interferential therapy is effective in the treatment of:

- Acute soft tissue/sports injuries

- Swelling/oedema

- Muscle spasm

- Musculoskeletal pain including low back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain to name a few.



What is Interferential Therapy and How does it Work?

The physiotherapy is an important area of medical science that deals with the movement problem and pain while moving various areas of the body such as hands, legs, shoulders, thighs, and back. A physiotherapist is an expert, who can help one get free from such pain with the help of some exercises. He also uses various devices developed by the experts of the field to help the patient get fast relief. The patient here can visit the clinic of the expert, hospital or even ask him to visit his place for effective treatment and he suggests the treatment as per the medical condition of the patient.

What is IFT?

IFT which stands for interferential therapy is one of the ways of offering electrotherapy for management for pain. The IFT treatment is often used for treating chronic, post-traumatic, and post-surgical pain. The IFT therapy has also gained prominence because of its pain-free, drug-free, and non-invasive way of healing. It has been observed that multiple treatments daily can offer improved results. Many people take IFT treatment at home on their own for pain reduction, medication, and edema. However, it must be done under medical supervision as it involves the use of electric currents.


The IFT is used for treating following pains:

  • Joint injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Back/ neck/ shoulder ailments or injuries
  • Knee pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Edema/ inflammation

The are 4 main clinical applications for which IFT appears to be used:

  • Pain relief
  • Muscle stimulation
  • Increased local blood flow
  • Reduction of edema

How is the treatment done?

Interferential therapy is a type of therapy which is very effective and is used in relieving pain by various physiotherapic clinics. This helps to accelerate the process of self healing and getting a patient’s body free from pain and regain healthy physical conditions. In this therapy, the interferential current is produced on the skin, of the affected body part of the patient, with the help of interferential device by expert physiotherapist. This interferential current penetrates into the skin and reaches the underlying living muscle tissue.

This therapy involves an orthopaedic physical therapy setting. Generally this treatment is not given to patients having any severe health conditions. In cases of chronic pain in neck, shoulder, knee joint and back pain this treatment gives temporary relief of the location. This therapy is given to patients for 15 minutes in a single session.

Physiotherapy treatment plays a vital role in management of pain and some more physical conditions. The basic principles of interferential therapy are to utilise strong physiological effect in low frequency of electrical stimulations to muscle tissues and nerves too.

It is also described as transcutaneous application which involves alternating frequency of electric current for therapeutic purposes. A difference of 100Hz in current is required for the therapy. A mid frequency electrical signal is used to treat muscular strains and spasm. An interferential current therapy device is a most commonly found electrotherapy machine in today’s physiotherapy applications.





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