HNC Low Level Cold Laser Therapy Device 650nm and 808nm used in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

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HNC Low Level Cold Laser Therapy Device 650nm and 808nm used in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 

Medical 650nm and 808nm Low level laser therapy device physio therapy machine for hospital


General Introduction                                                                     

HNC Multi-functional combines 650nm and 808nm cold laser. Cold laser is also called low power laser, low level laser or soft laser, which outputs power density at 1 j/cm2 level. Some practitioners of acupuncture have suggested that cold laser therapy could be used much like acupuncture and acupressure, with the beams of the laser targeting specific points on the body, since the stimulation of pressure points can be used to treat a number of conditions treatable with acupuncture. After the cold laser is applied to biology, there is no irreversible damage to biological organization, but just a series of physiological and biochemical Changes are caused. 


Detailed parts                                                                                 


Medical 650nm and 808nm Low level laser therapy device physio therapy machine for hospital

Medical 650nm and 808nm Low level laser therapy device physio therapy machine for hospital

Medical 650nm and 808nm Low level laser therapy device physio therapy machine for hospital



Medical 650nm and 808nm Low level laser therapy device physio therapy machine for hospital




ltem Description
Laser medium GaAlAs Semiconductor
Laser wavelength 650nm,808nm
Laser output power 5mW for 650nm laser 180mW for 808nm laser
Environment temperature range 40-55℃
Relative humidity 10%-100%
Atmospheric pressure 86kpa-106kpa
Probe A 11 laser beams are 650nm red laser: 4 laser beams are 808nm invisible laser output power: 775mW
Probe B 808nm invisible laser beam, output power: 180mW
Laser penetration 3~5cm
Output frequency under Pulse mode 0.5sec
Size 310×250×180mm


 .Application Range: headache, veterinary, regeneration of muscle fiber, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases ,soft tissue wounds, trauma, skin and mucosal ulcers, pain relief, arthritis, inflammation ,fracture healing, rhinitis, veterinary, regeneration of muscle fiber, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hyperviscosity, hyperlipidemia, dysfunction, rheumatism and dermatosis.


FAQ about Cold Laser                                                                   


What is cold laser therapy?

Cold laser therapy also known as low level laser is non-invasive, safe and effective treatment. Laser light is used to reduce pain, promote healing and soft tissue repair. Within a specific wavelength of light, bio-stimulation can be achieved.


How does it work?

Laser light releases photons to cells. Cells utilize photons to produce an energy molecule known as ATP. ATP is needed by cells to perform various tasks in the body. Therefore, laser light energizes cells to result in a faster healing rate.


How is it administered?

Treatment is usually done with a laser device placed a few cm away from the body. No pain is perceived by the treatment. Sometimes a tingling sensation can be perceived by some patients. It is needed to prevent strays of light from the laser entering the eyes.


Is it safe?

There are no side effects with laser therapy. The reaction that takes places sometimes is a pain reaction from an enhanced immunological response, but subsides after 24-48 hours.


How to Use HNC Multi-functional?

The daily accumulative time of treatment (any probe) shall not exceed 40 minutes. The aged or sensitive patients should begin from the low-power and short-time treatment. The power and time could be increased gradually when the body adapts to the machine. Use the machine once or twice a day and 30 minutes for each time.



Features of HNC Multi-functional                                            

1. Painless, non-invasive, green and safe physical therapy.

2. Perfect combination of 808nm laser and 650nm laser.

3. Adjustable laser output power and time.

4. Creative systemic treatment on large surfaces, joints and acupoints.

5. Compact and portable for convenient use.



1. CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS 20 min. 300 mw

2. TENNIS ELBOW 10min 400mw

3. OSTEOARTHRITIS 20 min 400mw

4. MUSCULAR PAIN 10 min 300mw

5. WOUND HEALING 10 min 200mw

6. NERVE REGENERATION 20 min 300mw

7. SOFT TISSUE INJURY 10 min 400mw

8. SKIN TREATMENT 10 min 100mw


10. FROZEN SHOULDER 20 min. 300mw

11. GOLFERS ELBOW 10min 400mw

12. LUMBAGO 20 min 400mw

13. LUMBAR SPONDYLOSIS 20min 400mw


15. ANKLE DISTORTION 10 min 300mw

16. SCIATICA 20 min 500mw

17. FACIAL PARALYSIS 10min 200mw

18. ROTATOR CUFF TEAR 20min 500mw






What conditions can be treated with the portable Laser?

Laser therapy can be used in any area of the body, for this reason it can be used for treating conditions such as:

  1. General pain
  2. Back and neck pain
  3. Inflammation joint pain
  4. Sciatic pain
  5. Shoulder pain
  6. Arthritic pain
  7. Fibromyalgia
  8. Tendinitis
  9. Muscle strains or sprains
  10. Compression fractures
  11. Sports injuries
  12. Foot ulcers (common in diabetics)


Product Description
Laser classification
GaAIAs Semiconductor
Laser wavelength
808nm and 650 nm
Output power of probe A
1 laser diodes with 808nm
Output power of probe B
11 laser beams with 650nm and 4 laser beams with 808nm
Maximum power output
Probe A is 180mW and Probe B is 775mW
Time setting
10-60 minutes and 6 grades adjustable
Working temperature
Relative humidity
below 80%
Atmospheric pressure
Chronic pain like knee arthritis
frozen shoulder
Acute pain like joint issues
athletic system injury
wound healing and laser acupuncture
Five Characteristics
5 Characteristics
High Definition Screen
>> Say goodbye to reading troubles and improve reading clarity
Dual Metal Probes
>> Perfect combination of medical laser 808nm and home laser 650nm
Time Setting
>> Time setting10-60 minutes and 6 grades adjustable
Zoned Control
>> Devide the panel into two parts to control probe A and probe B seperately.
Double-safty Facilities
>>Use the start-up key and emergency button for safety.
Dual Metal Probes
Probe A
Probe A is used as the laser acupuncture to irradiate the small area for acupoint stimulation, anti-inflammatory and reduce
swelling edema.

Probe B
Probe B is used to irradiate the parts like bone joint, muscle, ligament, neck and back for pain relief, tissue repair and rehabilitation.

Used by high quality imported laser diode which has the long life-span and stable performance.
Low Level Laser
Low level lasers are a group of lasers with a power less than 500 mW and unlike high-power lasers they have no effect on tissue temperature.
Low level lasers produce light-dependent chemical reactions in tissues to relieve the pain. It nearly eliminates pain and inflammation, restores normal body function without using painkillers.
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