Ultra Violent Portable Disinfection Coating Machine Mobile Phone Mask UV Disinfection Perfumed UV Ultraviolet Sterilization Box

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  • Masks / mobile phones / watches / makeup brushes / etc. Are put into the box for UV sterilization.
  • Our ultraviolet rays are sterilized by UVC-LED, which is safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Advanced Technology - By using ultraviolet light (ultraviolet C), 99.9% of Bacteria, Virus and mold can be effectively killed or inactivated, the effect is stronger and faster.
  • SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION - The UV lamp does not produce ozone, avoiding harmful vapors and protecting your health. Dual reflective lining ensures no leakage
  • With Wired Mobile Charging Option


  • Ultraviolet (UV) light destroys the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of viruses and bacteria. 
  • UV light is a particularly good option for sanitation because it kills bacteria regardless of drug resistance and without toxic chemicals.
  • At-home methods of UV sanitation have been proven highly effective against pathogens and come in a variety of forms — including portable wands, phone sanitizers, and toothbrush cleaners. 



  • UV Cell Phone Sanitizer --Germicidal UV light eliminates up to 99% of germs and bacteria. Dual UV bulbs, Sanitizes your device in less than 8 minutes, Protect yourself and those closest to you by sanitizing your phone regularly. This smartphone sterilizer box to kill 99.9% of common household germs such as staph, e.coli ,etc ….It has an accessories box for small devices such as toothbrushes, masks, ladies, baby underwear, jewelry, makeup tools, watches, coins, etc.
  • Sterilize All phones --Can keep Cell phones and Smartphones even bigger than 6 inches, Compatible with all iPhone ,Samsung Galaxy etc. .Great for iPods,mp3 players, wireless Bluetooth Earphones, toothbrushes, watches, toys, pacifiers, eyeglasses, keys, jewelry and smartphone cleaner
  • Aromatherapy function-- Put essential oil (not included)on the aromatherapy inlet, press aromatherapy switch to start having aroma humidifier for your device. It stops automatically after 8 minutes while aromatherapy is finishing, and your device smells very wonderful.
  • Portable & Easy to use-- The sleek, compact design of Sanitizer box makes it easy to take with you. One touch button, disinfect anything in Five minutes, easy and safe to operate. Double sterilization is achieved by strong UV and ozone sterilization, which kills 99.9% of bacteria. Fashion design and beautiful product box, prefect holiday gift for friends and family. Suitable for people who care about health and great for the elders and kids safety.
  • Gift Choice-- Presented in a stylish box, it's an ideal gift for germaphobes and must-have gadget for anyone who cares about hygiene. Also, The perfect gift for the germaphobe in your life. Best holiday , rakhi , Diwali gift for father, families and friends


  • [Portable Design]: The sleek, ergonomic and compact design of this sanitizer box makes it easy to take with you, wherever you go
  • [Risk-Free Attempt]: The UV light sterilizer kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs in just 5 minutes. Making it very easy and convenient to disinfect your smart phone.
  • [Large Sanitizing Space]: Also suitable for your phone, MP3 players, Bluetooth earphones, watches, clothes such as underwear, socks, baby toys, forks, masks, eye glasses, toothbrush, keys, jewelry, and any makeup objects.
  • [UV Sanitizer & Healthier Lives]: UV-C Destroy the molecular structure of DNA and RNA of microbial cells, cause cell death and achieve the effect of sterilization. With advanced UV-C light technology,  UV Sanitizer kills up to 99% of germs and bacteria



Step1: Put the mobile phone into multi-function sterilizer box. Plug switch on, press coating'button', voice prompt dissection began, auto double ultraviolet light on. It will start coating and sterilize.
Step 2: 5 minutes later, disinfection will be finished. you will listened voice broadcast told you finished sterilize,meanwhile the progress bar reaches 100% completed and Automatic power off after disinfection.
1. Do not close to the flame, water and Corrosive chemicals. Do not clean the unit with organic solvent.
2. Do not stare at the multi-function sterilizer machine for a long time.
Material : ABS
Disinfection time: 2-3 min
Charging port : Mirco USB
UV Wavelength: 253nm
Input current : 1 -2A
Power : 2W
Working voltage : DC5V
Maximum power : 9 watts
Overall dimensions : 8.8"x4.8"x2.0" CM
Inner size for sterilization : 7.8"x4.0"x1.4" CM
Working Temperature : -10℃~45℃

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